Webscreations Design Fixed Asset Managment Software - Track your Assets Today

We will also provide you with an Asset Management Software that you can use to manage your assets once they have been tagged. The software will end forever the common manually entered spreadsheet – based Inventory Systems that many company’s use today that requires long, tedious hours and often results in confusion and errors. The Software will enable you to;
asset preventive maintenance, and missing assets, asset repairs, asset Asset tagging and asset management is an accounting audit process that tracks fixed assets for the purposes of asset depreciation, asset financial accounting, asset preventive maintenance, and asset theft deterrence. Asset tagging also helps track asset repairs, asset movement and value added on particular asset. Our Asset management solutions are tailored to automate all aspects of your asset reconciliation. This process entails physically tagging all the organization assets with an asset tag. The most commonly used asset tag is the barcode asset tagging technology. For most assets, iodinized tags are recommended because they do not ware out easily.

Movement and value added on assets reports. Reconciliation of the Assets is done using an asset tagging management software when data is transferred into the system using a cable or bluetooth.In order to optimize cost-effectiveness, a Fixed Asset Management Program using barcode technology needs three elements:
A host system that includes a PDCD (portable data collection device) and PDCD software to maintain the master record of all items.
A bar code scanner that “reads” the identifying Fixed Asset ID Tag.
Fixed Asset ID Tags. Typically, these will contain a “bar code” number and the human-readable equivalent.
Periodic Inventory updates can be made as simple as scanning each tag and accepting or modifying the database entry. The scanner automatically generates an exception list of missing or misplaced assets. The Pocket PC scanner synchronizes with theFixed Asset Management Software using blue tooth, WIFI or cable.

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